【TFSU Sets Sail for a Hopeful Future】Opening Ceremony for Overseas Students Admitted in the Fall Semester 2017 Successfully Held
2017-10-30 10:48  


Principal Xiu Gang is delivering a speech at the ceremony.  

Hou Ying, director of the Chinese Language and Culture Department, International Exchange Institute, and Zhou Lide, an undergraduate of Grade 2016 from the United States are hosting the ceremony bilingually.  

Zhu Jingjin is giving a speech at the ceremony on behalf of the teachers. 

Scene of the Ceremony

 On the morning of September 14th, the grand opening ceremony for overseas students admitted in the fall semester 2017 was held in the Lecture Hall of Yifu Building. Present at the ceremony were the principal Xiu Gang, the relevant persons in charge of International Cooperation and Exchange Office, and International Exchange Institute, as well as the teachers who will instruct the foreign students. The opening ceremony was hosted bilingually by Hou Ying, director of the Chinese Language and Culture Department, International Exchange Institute, and Zhou Lide, an undergraduate of Grade 2016 from the United States.

The ceremony was kicked off by the video of Zeng Ziru who won the champion in Europe and the second place of the world for the "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition in 2016, and the video entitled “Foreigners of TFSU” made by Denis, foreign postgraduate of Grade 2016. The videos would enable students to look forward to the upcoming studying life, and have a more intuitive impression.

In his speech, Xiu Gang extended a warm welcome to all the foreign students, and at the same time he extended a special welcome to the 40 students sent by the British Embassy and the Confucius Institute in Scotland. He introduced the school to the students, saying that Tianjin Foreign Studies University is an international family, which offers a total of 52 majors. Also, he asked the students to love each other and learn to be grateful; and he also asked the students to introduce their respective cultures to China while improving their Chinese proficiency, and be a friendly envoy for the exchanges between China and foreign countries. He hoped that the students would make clear their perspectives in the future and get a higher academic degree through their studies in TFSU.

Zhu Jingjin, representative of the teachers, put forward the studying requirements and suggestions for the foreign students in the English-Chinese bilingual speech, hoping that the students should listen more and practice more. She also made a commitment on behalf of the school teachers that they would do their best to provide students with all-round help in their studies and daily life.

After the opening ceremony, officers from Tianjin Entry and Exit Administration explained in detail the legal knowledge of foreign students’ entering and leaving China.

During the academic year, more than 380 students from more than 40 countries, including Japan, South Korea, the United States and Russia, studied Chinese at different levels in the International Exchange Institute. The institute has elaborately designed courses for the students. After the placement test taken on the 6th of September, the institute added a parallel class according to their actual studying needs, and offered a total of 14 refresher courses at different levels, and also offered 9 optional courses in culture to meet their studying needs. Meanwhile, the institute made huge efforts in trying to revise the management system and training program for the foreign students taking refresher courses, undergraduates and graduate students. While absorbing and introducing advanced teaching concepts, management modes and teaching experience, the institute readjusted courses scientifically, strengthened teaching management, and laid stress on improving teachers’ teaching levels. All the efforts would contribute to further building our university into a school with distinct international characteristics.

(written by Liu Jingyan, and photographed by Yu Kai)



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