【TFSU Sets Sail for a Hopeful Future】Greeting Freshmen, 470+ Overseas Students Gather in TFSU
2017-10-30 10:52  

Freshmen are at registration

Photo collection by the campus card system

A Placement Test

An explanation meeting 

Students are having a group-photo taken.

On 4th and 5th September, overseas students of Grade 2017 came to school for registration. Under strong support of competent departments, the university has made new progress in the enrollment of international students in 2017, and enrolled a total of more than 470 new students from 46 countries, such as Japan, South Korea, the United States, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Among them, 137 new students have won government scholarships, 60 new students have won Confucius Institute scholarships, 200 will work on academic degrees, and 160 will pay for their own tuition.

In order to further demonstrate the good image and strong international atmosphere of the school, the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, with the principles of "enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, standardization and efficiency", has worked out a program for greeting overseas freshmen 2017, and a coverage process for the entrance of the foreign freshmen, and printed a handbook for every international freshman. The staff members are required to do the best job for the students who have been admitted in the new semester.

The teachers of the International Student Office started their work ahead of schedule, and worked at their reasonably assigned working positions. They arranged pick-up vehicles, teachers and volunteers to ensure that the students could reach TFSU safely and check in quickly. They carefully laid out the welcome scene by placing all the national flags representing the overseas students’ countries in front of the International Exchange Center. They elaborately fixed up the Foreign-Student -Cultural Wall in an effort to exhibit school life in pictures. In order to facilitate the registration of overseas students, International Student Office has introduced the management system of international students for the first time this semester, from accommodation, registration and payment to photo collection and so on, setting up a one-stop management system. The staff members from the International Student Office and the International Exchange Center worked orderly, simplified the working process, and handled the formalities conveniently and quickly, thus embodying the enthusiasm and warmth of TFSU in all respects.

Under the co-organization and coordination of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office and the International Exchange Institute, the school successfully completed the placement test of Chinese proficiency for overseas students on the 16th of September; and the International Student Office respectively carried out special lectures on safety education for freshmen in English, Japanese and Korean, which would facilitate foreign students’ studying and living in TFSU.

According to the requirements of the "13th Five-Year Plan", the International Cooperation and Exchange Office is fully implementing the international strategy, precision management and people-oriented service established by the university so as to lay a good foundation for the enrollment of international students.

—by TFSU correspondent Zhao Boyang



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