“A Prospect to New Semester” More than 430 Overseas Students Gather in TFSU.
2018-04-04 17:01  

A placement test is going on. 

A safety lesson is going on for the new students. 

In 2018, new progress has been made in the enrolment of overseas students with the strong support of the relevant departments of the school. The school has enrolled a total of more than 430 freshmen from more than 40 countries, including the United States, Russia, Britain, Japan, South Korea, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

The overseas students admitted in the Spring Semester Grade 2018 came to the school for their registration from March 5th to 6th. In order to further demonstrate the good image and strong international atmosphere of the school, the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, based on the aims of “enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, standard and efficiency,” has worked out a work program and asked the staff members to do a good job at their very best for the overseas students. The teachers from International Student Office came up ahead of time with rational division of responsibilities, and properly arranged vehicles, leading teachers and volunteers, so as to ensure that the students would safely arrive in TFSU and check in at the first time; they placed every of the re-customized national flags, representing the countries in which the overseas students reside, in front of the International Exchange Center, elaborately decorated the cultural wall for the overseas students, and displayed the pictures of the overseas students studying in the school; and the staff members of the International Student Office and International Exchange Center, from reception services to registration for enrolment, simplified the flow-sheet, worked in an orderly manner and offered the students one-stop services to facilitate their registration procedures, trying to reflect the enthusiasm and warmth of TFSU in every aspect.

On March 7th, the placement test in Chinese proficiency for the overseas students was successfully completed under the joint organization and collaboration of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, and the International Exchange College; and then, the International Student Office started to carry out the new entrance security education in English, Japanese and Korean, so as to facilitate the overseas students studying and living.

This year, the International Cooperation and Exchange Office will fully implement the strategy of internationalization of the school, trying to lay a good foundation for the enrolment of overseas students through meticulous management and humanized services.

(By Zhao Boyang)




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